Our People

IQ Custom Construction, Inc. was established in Mooresville, North Carolina in 2008. We are committed to constructing exceptional, well-built homes through years of experience.

We pride ourselves in building long lasting relationships with our clients based on integrity, quality, and trust. We strive to make the building process as seamless and efficient as possible, thus delivering a true one of a kind family building experience.

Jason Slagle Owner/President

As the owner of this small, family-oriented construction company, I really enjoy taking a piece of land and turning it into a place our clients can proudly call home. One of my favorite parts of our home building process is meeting on-site with customers to help them dream up their perfect home. I am proud of my team of builders, who exemplify the integrity and quality you will find when working with IQ Custom Construction.

Bobby Robinson Office Manager

Like so many others my initial “real” job experience began as a summer job in high school, working on a construction framing crew. Though I didn’t know it at the time, those long, hot summer days would help mold me into the devoted and hardworking person I am today. Throughout everything I have experienced and accomplished so far, one thing I have learned is that relationships matter and are the backbone of any successful business. Building relationships with our customers is one of the most important goals I have for myself. In doing so, our customers receive a one of a kind building experience based on value and not just dollars and cents.

Bill Bourke Field Manager

Becoming the owner of a brand new home is a huge milestone and dream come true for many of our customers. As a builder, it is such a blessing that I get to be a part of that. It is an honor to walk each family through the building process as their new home comes together.

Tyler Slagle Field Manager

I have been around the home building industry all of my life and as a kid, I decided I wanted to be a builder. Becoming a general contractor at the age of 21 has made my childhood dream come true. My favorite component of the construction process is the foundation. In building and life, an excellent foundation allows the rest to fall into place.

Ben Hammill Field Manager

The construction industry is my passion. I look forward to meeting with customers and hearing their creative ideas about their future home. When possible, I try to work with them to incorporate those ideas into the building process. It is so fulfilling to manage the whole project through from beginning to end and ultimately produce a quality product.

Why Us

Over 20 years experience building family homes

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