A New Look for An Old Idea

February 24, 2020 | Home Tutorials

It seems everyone has their own ideas of how to make their new home standout amongst the crowd.  Our customers are no different.  We love hearing and seeing their thoughts and ideas unfold and become the expectation they are looking for.  One of our most recent customers (who also happens to be a good friend) had an idea for a new look for an old concept…the Buck Stove.

A brief history on the Buck Stove:

1557 – The first Buck Stove is patented.

1642 – The stove is not yet common place as the materials the stove is made out of to withstand the heating and cooling process are not yet easily accessible.

1740 – Benjamin Franklin begins adding updates to the stove to make it more user friendly.

1790 – The stove is slowly evolving into a “modern kitchen item.”

1820’s – By the end of the Civil War coal is now more readily available and sometimes easier to come by than wood.  The stove is now burning coal or wood.

1900’s – The Buck Stove is common place in most homes not only as a necessity for cooking but in many cases for heating the home.

Buck stoves are still alive and well today but not necessarily for cooking (although they can be.)  You will probably see them in cabins, the basements of your parents or grandparents houses or in any home that uses it has its primary heating source.  Since the majority of the Buck Stoves heat is contained, the vents that let heat escape is very hot and can heat a large area in short period of time.  Our friend Mr. Gibson, took the idea of the Buck Stove and turned into the center piece of his family room.  Not only did he install a classic looking Buck Stove, but he added some really nice details.  The Buck Stove sits inside a large open cavity that is stoned inside and out.  At the top of the open area are fans that take any excess heat from the stove and direct it outward into the living space.  Can lights were added to the inside of the open cavity as well to produce the finishing touches for this one of a kind project.  This Buck Stove fireplace is sure to bring the Gibson’s warm and comfort for years to come and I’m sure, plenty of historical conversation with friends and family.

Thank you for letting IQ Custom Construction be part of this journey!


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A New Look for An Old Idea